Always a pleasant experience at CoreCare Chiropractic. A very friendly environment and excellent care!

– Sharon F

Love the quick appointments and friendly staff

– Jennifer W

My recent assistance from Craig was excellent. I was in severe lower back pain and within 2-3 treatment sessions, I was almost pain free and working on recovery. Thanks for your expertise and professionalism. The front office staff, (Terry) was also very professional and courteous.

– $1

Thanks again CoreCare Chiropractic!

– $1

Well done.

– Anonymous

The staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr Volzke did a great job and spent plenty of time working with me. I felt like I was treated as an individual that mattered and not just another patient.

– Anonymous

This is a great chiropractor. I had some lingering problems that he didn’t feel he could fully help with, so he referred me to another chiropractor that he felt could. I am still going to continue to return once a month to this office however. Very friendly staff and very trustworthy.

– Anonymous

My visits are something I look forward to and this is coming from someone that said she would never go to a chiropractor!

– $1

The staff are all very friendly and make one feel very comfortable.

– Nancy K

Just wanted to share with you that last night I had no knee pain, could sleep on my right side, AND it has carried me into this morning still feeling great!

– $1

I cannot explain how my knee/leg felt better when I walked down the hall to my car yesterday after seeing you, ….”it/they” just felt different …maybe the word here to use is aligned ??? Anyway, wanted to share my no ache evening with you and send a big thank you your way.

– Teresa

Craig is fantastic! He takes care of me and my entire family, both with pain relief and continued care. His knowledge and his personal attention are second to none. I would recommend him to everyone!

– CJ Cooper

I’ve gone to a bunch of different chiropractors and Craig is by far the best. He is always more focus on getting me the adjustments I need, than just trying to get me to come back a lot. You can tell he cares about his patients and has a lot of great ways to help overall health. Highly recommend.

– Lucas Hains

Dr. Craig Volzke is a person I have found to be of high moral character. His Chiropractic Service and Care for me as a patient is both impressive and caring at the same time. CoreCare Chiropractic is run by a chiropractor in Dr. Volzke who is highly professional, highly trained and very customer service oriented. I am glad to have found him as a Chiropractor. If you are in the Lincoln Nebraksa NE/Lancaster County area and need help with upper back pain, lower back pain or neck pain, take a long look at Dr. Craig Volzke and the staff at CoreCare Chiropractic. You will be glad you did.

– Wayne Boesiger

Prior to visiting a chiropractor I was in a lot of pain and discomfort from headaches and back pain. In 2010 my headaches progressively became worse and affected me on a daily basis. I was even experiencing periodic migraines. I went to Allergy specialists, ENT doctors, a Neurologist, and my primary Internal Medicine doctor. Not one of the doctors I saw could help me and I went on unnecessary mediations. My License Massage Therapist recommended Dr. Craig Volzke at CoreCare Chiropractic. This was the best advice I had ever taken. After the first adjustment, I felt more normal than I had in months. Soon I was gaining my energy back and noticed the headaches start to disappear. It means so much when the person you go to for help actually makes all the effort in the world to help improve your life.

– Amber Winter

I have been going to Dr. Volzke for 4 years, he truly cares about what he does, his patients progression and well-being. I have had so much improvement since I have been going to Dr. Volzke, and I would recommend him to everyone!

– Lisa Schiffbauer

I have been going to Dr. Volzke for over 2 years now. He has made significant changes in my overall health and wellbeing. He is very knowledgeable, personable and personally cares about your overall health. You won’t be disappointed once you have started seeing Dr. Volzke.

– JoAnn Asch